Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Wolvserpent: Gathering Strengths

released 2009/2011

Dark, Heavy, Spiritual. Orchestral-Blackened Folk.

1.) Gathering Strengths [] Spirit Walker

2.) Gathering Strengths [] Silence Within

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Wolvserpent: Blood Seed

released 2010/2011

Wolvserpent's official 2010 debut.

Dark, Heavy, Occult. Cinematic -Blackened Doom.

1.) Wolv

2.) Serpent

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Aelter I: Dusk-Dawn

released 2009

Minimal, Dark, Cinematic-Romantic Doom.

1.) Dusk

2.) Dawn

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Aelter II: Follow You Beloved

released 2011

Epicus, Romanticus, Doomicus


released 2011



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Mezektet Demo

recorded 2008, released 2011


4 track/8 track demo

collaboration with a Story of Rats

1.) Somniferum I

2.) Somniferum II

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Wolvserpent Presents: Mix Vol II


: The Ring of Fire: by Wojciech Kilar
: Gates of Delirium: by Midnight Syndicate [link]
: Excerpt from: Invokation of the Gods by: Freya Asywnn [link]

1. The Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir: Mandala Offering
2. Wardruna: Heimta Thurs [link]
3. ВеданЪ КолодЪ: Слънце грее [link]
4. ВеданЪ КолодЪ: Заговор от нечистых сил (excerpt) [link]
5. Wongraven: Det Var En Gang Et Menneske [link]
6. Womens Choir from Permet: Song of Emigration (Albania: Vocal and Instrumental polyphony) [link]
7. Dark Sanctuary: Dies Morti [link]
8. Arcana: My Cold Sea [link]
9. Elend: A World in their Screams [link]
10. Antonius Rex: Neque Semper Arcum [link]
11. Abysmal Grief: When the Ceremony Ends [link]
12. Paul Chain: Reality [link]

: Seance by Ataraxia (Mort Garson) (excerpt) [link]
: Mantra II by Popol Vuh: (excerpt) [link]