Friday, November 27, 2009

More Gratitude...

PussyGutt is thankful for recording sessions.

We used our down-time over the thanksgiving vacation to get in a gratifying recording session.

We began the process of recording our current set before we move on with some new creations that have been arising. We are trying to establish this habit - documenting, recording and giving our current works the full attention they deserve and then move forward with new creations.

This record will consist of the pieces we played for our last little jaunt of a tour and what we played for the hometown record release. If you did not get to see this live, you will
now be able to hear it at some point.... when it is released.

Friday was spent cleaning up after mega-family-get-together and tons of delicious food. Then setting up the drums and wrestling some good tones from those nefarious skins.

We then ran through the pieces to check out how much separation we need for the guitar cabinet, and get a little practice in.

We had some trouble with a couple mic placements. Tuning the drums is always a huge challenge. This is especially aggrevated by slightly warped toms.... Luckily one of the band members is a wizard of tuning drums at this point. You'll have to guess which one it is!

In the end, we got the bass drum sounding huge, the toms sounding dark and sinister, the cymbals are shimmering and glassy-goodness, ringing tones from the belfry.


  1. Cool.

    What kind of recording (capturing) device(s) do you use?

  2. - We would like to give you the specifics of our capturing device... however, the spirit guide who endowed us with such equipment has sworn us to protect the secrets.
    - it does however utilize 12-inch tape & pure H2O. :)

    - when not using our spirit audio capture device, we use our home computer, a sixteen track mixer and various microphones:
    m-audio luna
    audix d6
    shure beta 52a