Saturday, March 2, 2013

Perigaea Demo Cassette, Blood Seed, Aelter III

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"Perigaea" Demo Cassette

The demo version Wolvserpent's upcoming full length "Perigaea". Hand numbered edition of 200. Beautifully silk screened metallic silver and black card stock covers.

BloodSeed Cassette

Hand numbered edition of 100. Beautifully silk screened metallic gold stock covers. Featuring artwork by Erin Cunningham and Adam Rosenlund.

                                                                        Aelter III

Hand numbered edition of 100 with beautifully silk screened card stock covers

Wolvserpent -Sacred Sri - Back patch

Metallic Silver, grey and black print on black duck cloth


  1. just grabbed the three tapes from 20 buck spin, fuck!!! want to get the shirt so bad. any plans on repressing the first/second aelter on tape?

  2. There has been some discussion about it. Hopefully soon. :)