Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bark at the Moon

Not many pictures were taken during the vocal session. We recorded in the black of night during a new moon. So instead we have some hair, a baggie full of dirt from Bram Stoker's old apartment (where he wrote Dracula) and a adorably frightening handmade Nosferatu. The holidays have kept us busy but we remain on our track to grimmdom. The vocal tracks were difficult as this is our first record featuring the human voice...though the final outcome is completely sub-human. The recording was done in a room with 15 foot high ceilings and a large diaphragm condenser mic (in pitch blackness) and then re-amped through a ad9 analog delay and 15inch speakers. The howling seemed to channel the deepest dark unknown and we were both left feeling out of sorts to say the least. Now we move to the difficult phases of finishing a record.


  1. Is recording in complete darkness done to save power for all the amps or just for the sake of awesomeness? And, how did you get dirt?

  2. A little of both I suppose! A friend dug it up on location and brought it back.